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We are dedicated to providing appropriate business qualifications to everyone owning, operating or employed within any size of business throughout the World. Qualifications are available to staff at all levels of knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

To provide business qualifications, professional body membership and training for all!

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Organization News

As well as the existing, established UK professional bodies we have dealt with for some time, we are pleased to announce a new series of membership awards from organisations that have ceased to operate as separate entities and where we have taken over the administration/awarding of their awards/membership grades.

Becoming a Member

The Business Management Association
Fellow FBMA Member MBMA Associate ABMA

The Society of Public Accountants
Fellow FPA Member MPA Associate APA

The Association of Corporate Secretaries

Fellow FCSA Associate ACSA

The Association of Property Accountants
Fellow FAPA Associate AAPA

The Association of Cashiers

Fellow FACash Member MACash Associate AACash

The Faculty of Business Administrators
Fellow FFBA Associate AFBA Licentiate LFBA Technician BAT

The Faculty of Executive Secretaries
Fellow FCES Associate ACES Licentiate LCES

The Society of Certified Professionals
Companion cmpnSCP Fellow FSCP Member MSCP Associate member AMSCP

The Association of Sales Personnel
Fellow FASP Member MASP Associate AASP

The Faculty of Commerce and Industry
Fellow FFCI Member MFCI Associate AFCI 

The Institute of Purchasing Management
Fellow FIPurM Member MIPurM Associate AIPurM

for details of how to obtain any one, or a combination, of the above professional body memberships, please either mail or email a current CV to our contact details. We will be able to assess your status in conjunction with the relevant body(s) and will confirm your eligibility for membership as well as advising you of the subscriptions due. For most of the qualifications listed we would confirm that no registration fees are payable and lifetime subscriptions are available at resonable rates. 

Please note that we make no charge for this service

For further information get in touch with us at:

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